Turning memories into a project sounds contradictory. It may even be inadvisable; but as a challenge it is exciting.

This is how Etxelaia was born. At least that is how the idea started that gave birth to what it is today and what we want for it to be in the future, without closing doors to other ideas.

Etxelaia has been a family home for almost two centuries, and a family home is before all else a box of marking experiences, which are not to be erased. Therefore, when considering what to do with a legacy like this and adding the ¨business¨ component, there was only one thing clear: we could not erase the indelible, the enjoyment of the house with the family and with the people closest to you.

With this premise we undertook the process of rehabilitation and interior decoration. We had to maintain its use as a family home, add practicality and logic, renovate the facilities adapting these to our time, create versatile spaces to let the project evolve and, in addition, preserve the essence of a 200 years old home.

Writing the previous paragraph took us three minutes, however executing its content gave us the same number, but in years. A job that all of us who have been part of it are satisfied with and proud of.

Now we are in the next stage: to fill Etxelaia with new experiences that add value to the history of the house and make great memories.

Because it matters what you experience and where you experience it.