The Busturialdea-Urdaibai district is a unique jewel of nature in the Basque Country. In 1984 the UNESCO declared Urdaibai a biosphere reserve.

Its extension and excellent conservation make Urdaibai the most important wetland in the Basque Country. It is probably where the widest variety of landscapes, flora and fauna in the whole of the Basque Autonomous Region can be found.

The district has 22 municipalities and occupies 10% of the province’s surface area. At its heart is the river Oka with its source in mount Oiz. By the time it winds its way down to Mundaka Oka has becomes a broad estuary with spectacular wetlands full of life.

From the coastal cliffs and beaches to the inland forests and rivers, via the river wetlands and plains, Urdaibai offers visitors some of the most attractive and well-loved beaches in the Basque Country such as the constantly changing Laida beach or the spectacular Laga beach, right below Ogoño rock.

Urdaibai also has some of the province’s most spectacular look-out points: Ogoño rock and San Pedro de Atxarre and San Miguel chapels offer unforgettable panoramic views of this wide expanse of beauty.  Other delightful treasures are tucked away further inland such as Santimamiñe caves, with their priceless cave paintings and the Oma forest which Agustín Ibarrola turned into a work of art.

Urdaibai is an estuary with a mixture of marine and rural environments. Culture and nature come together to offer a broad range of possibilities in this natural paradise where nature and humankind coexist in a setting of respect and sustainable development.

A magical paradise well worth an enjoyable visit.