Recently, Etxelaia and consulting firm Martin Brainon have signed a collaboration agreement to generate synergies and add value to companies, managers and people.

At Etxelaia we have made a clear commitment to focus on adding value to the business environment and this agreement is part of that objective.

This partnership combines the experience and innovation capacity in leadership and organizational culture of #MartinBrainon with a unique and different venue like Etxelaia, ideal to disconnect from routines, inspire, innovate, share, learn and, ultimately, grow.

The first milestone of this agreement will focus on developing the Safeeling® Program, aimed at leaders, managers and executives, requiring an extensive management capacity.

The Program introduces a methodology based on dynamic, personalized and experiential training of leaders and managers. This training is aimed at improving the competencies and tools that predispose a leader to interact with the environment and generate a resilient culture, preparing him / her for uncertainty management and improving the decision-making capacity.

This program will start with a presentation and networking event taking place November 15th2018 at Etxelaia. In the following link you can find more information.